STAR Journal Impact Factor

Year 2018

Year 2014

  • Universal Impact Factor 1.2356
  • Scientific Journal Impact factor 4.424
  • Journal Impact Factor 1.473
  • InfoBase Index Factor 3.66

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    Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal (STARJ)
    Engineering and Technology Research Journal (ETRJ)
    Law Research Journal (LRJ)
    Medical and Health Sciences Research Journal (MHSRJ)
    Journal of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (JAFNR)
    International Journal of Advances in Natural and Computational Sciences (IJANCS)
    Social Sciences and Humanity Research Journal (SSHRJ)




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    Our  Paper Publication Process

    Step 01

    Completion of Research

    Identify the original work. Then, Record the data either in graphs or tables

    Step 02

    Prepare Manuscript

    Write the paper as per our journal or conference formatting guideline. Use good quality images

    Step 03

    Submit the Manuscript

    Upload the paper in to our portal.

    Step 04

    Manuscript gets Reviewed

    2-3 persons review the work. Feedback need to be considered and applied.

    Step 05


    Depending on the feedback of the reviewer, the Paper is rejected and asked to be revised or accepted.

    Step 06


    Final checks of quality and placed in the queue for the publication.

    Step 07